MO-RID Policies & Procedures Manual 



            Section 1.        Annual Dues/Cost of Membership

A. The Board of Directors has the authority to fix and/or amend the amount of annual dues, as they deem appropriate. The Board of Directors shall propose any amendment of the amount of annual dues, to be approved by membership. Notification of any changes in the dues structure will be given to the membership at least 60 days prior to implementation.

B. A member who has paid the established annual dues for the current membership year shall be considered a member in good standing.  A member who has not paid the established annual dues by August first of each year shall no longer be considered a member in good standing.  Membership year is defined as the period from July 1-June 30.

C. For those members joining MO-RID for the first time, dues shall be prorated. The amount due shall be based upon the quarter of the year in which they join.

Section 2.        Benefits

A. All members of MO-RID shall receive

a. Organization’s newsletter
b. Access to organization’s electronic sites
c. Discounts to MO-RID functions
d. Voting privileges per category as outlined in the state bylaws

B. Certified Dual and Associate Dual members are members of both RID and MO-RID.

a. These members are eligible to run for offices as outlined in the state bylaws
b. Dual members receive benefits of both respective organizations

C. State members are members of MO-RID only and are eligible to serve on any standing committee.

Section 3.        Member Sections

A. Member sections can be established by a group of members with a shared interest

B. To establish a member section, a mission statement and operating guidelines must be submitted to the Board of Directors outlining the interests of the group.  The member section’s mission statement and operating guidelines must receive endorsement by Board action to operate as a MO-RID Member Section.

C. No financial support will be provided by MO-RID

D. Member sections are open to all members

E. Members may participate in as many members sections as they choose


Board of Directors

Section 1.      Proof of Membership

Board members must be members of RID.  Proof of membership is required.

Section 2.        Meetings

A. There will be a minimum of four board meetings per year

B. All Board meetings will be open to the membership and/or visitors, unless designated as “closed” by the officers of the affiliate chapter

C. Conference call or similar communication equipment may be used to hold any meeting, regular or special, with a majority of the MO-RID board present

D. Mileage to board meetings will be reimbursed to Board members at the applicable State rate.

Section 3.        Regional Conference Calls

A. The MO-RID president or designated substitute shall participate in Region IV conference calls

B> Relevant updates will be shared with fellow Board members and general membership

Section 4.        Conflict of Interest

A. Board members will not accept or solicit any gift/favor or service from any individual or group (donor) that might influence Board members’ conduct

B. Board members will not make or vote on Board motions that financially benefit their family members, significant others, or themselves

C. Board members may engage in bidding or contracting related to MO-RID business only when the contract is also open to outside bidders.  If a board member is engaged in a competitive bid process that is in front of the Board, the member shall excuse him or herself from the discussion and voting process.

Regional and National Meetings

Section 1.        Representation

A. The President or a selected Board member will represent MO-RID at national and regional conferences

B. Each attendee is responsible for submitting a report to the membership

Section 2.        Expense Policies for Representatives

The Board will decide on reimbursement items for the MO-RID representative(s), taking into account the financial standing of MO-RID


Section 1.        General

A. All standing committees will stay in consistent contact with the  Vice President and submit quarterly reports to the Board

B. Standing committees will submit updates to the media committee for dissemination to membership

C. Committee chairs shall hold a two year term limit.  The maximum term limit is two consecutive terms

D. Committee members may serve no more than three consecutive terms in one committee

E. Ad hoc committees may be established by the board for the purpose of targeting specific issues in a timely fashion.  Committees serve until the assigned task is completed.

 Section 2.  Committee Duties

A. Bylaws

a. Recommend bylaw changes

b. Assure that organization adheres to current bylaws

c. Create and compile the bylaws and policies and procedures manual

d. Review the bylaws and policies and procedures manual on a regular basis and update these documents as necessary

e. Provide these documents on organization’s website at all times

B. Media

a. Advertise special events for all committees

b. Assist membership with the RID Yahoo Group, including managing files and advertising events

c. Establish and maintain website

d. Establish a newsletter

e. Establish Facebook/Twitter accounts

C. Fundraising

a. Generate financial support for the organization’s activities

b. Establish annual fundraising goals and explore non-traditional and innovative ways to raise funds

c. Coordinate events and notify Media committee so they can publicize the events

d. Collect monies with which to achieve established goals

D. Membership

a. Recruit new chapter members

b. Provide orientation for new chapter members

c. Maintain membership list

d. Recruit new members by engaging in at least one major membership drive per year

e. Disseminate membership renewal forms to all members between two and four months before the end of each fiscal year

Returned Check Policy

Section 1.        MO-RID will expect to receive reimbursement for any fees assessed by its financial institution per bounced check, payable with a money order, within ten days of notification

Chapter Check Writing Policy

Section 1.        The signatures of the treasurer and president of MO-RID are required on all checks for disbursements more than $500

Section 2.        Any non-budgeted expenditures over $500 must be approved by a majority vote of the membership

Amendment of Policies and Procedures

Section 1.        Policies and Procedures Manual

New policies and procedures may be adopted, amended, or repealed by approval of a majority vote of the Board or by approval of the membership at the annual business meeting